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Delana Luna - Curator

When the Director advertised for a curator Delana applied by setting up a projected image that illuminated his bedroom wall at midnight, simply saying - I'm the one that you want? I'm the one that you want. I'm the one that you want!

The Director replied by throwing an aquarium rock through her car window that said, 'You're Hired.'

Photograph - Michael Firminger

Callan Fleming - Host

The Director of The Pseudo Society prides himself on being able to pick the most talented humans to be involved in his projects.

The Harvest Table will be hosted by the enticing and enigmatic, Mr Fleming.
He first came to the attention of the Director in the coastal Scottish town of Pittenweem. Mr Fleming had just completed his journey and performance piece, 'Dance for your Dinner', raising funds for the Charity CWR (Children Without Rhythm) where he literally danced for dinner from the highlands to the coast of Scotland. 

While carousing with the locals one man was heard to exclaim to Mr Fleming that, 'There cannae be a man who be master of the bottle and the dance', when the conversation turned to his other profession of cocktail design. Taking this as a challenge. He summarily took charge of the bar and performed an impromptu dance piece which culminated in the most delicious whiskey based cocktail the men had ever tasted and was greeted with cheers and not a few hidden tears. The Director hired him on the spot. When Mr Fleming asked what exactly his role would be the Director replied, 'Just to be yourself my good man.' This also provided the name for the cocktail, 'Cheers and Hidden Tears', which is enjoyed all over Pittenween.


Joe Miller - Audio

The Director first noticed the incredible talent of Joe Miller when he illegally jumped a freight train traveling through Arizona on his Jack Kerouac themed holiday. Joe was playing, and winning, a travel safe version of the game, 'Click, Clap, Silence'. Developed in the 1900's this game can only be played by those who have an understanding of octaves, iambic pentameter, African Khoisan languages and Peruvian children's rhymes. The object of the competition is to make the most profound silence by the noises created beforehand. The Director made the mistake of interrupting the play to ask Mr Miller to work for him. This got him thrown out  of the moving train with only Joe's laconic thumbs up peeping out the side as the carriage whisked away.


SAmi Porter - Ceramics

The Director met Sami coming down the side of Mount Norikura, Japan. She was descending from a training session in clay casting as he was ascending to the peak. The snow had settled on her eyelashes. They did not speak. Upon his arrival home he found the exact number of cups needed for the first event already delivered to his door.


Tom Tilbury - Chef

Tom Tilbury was forever to have a place in the Director's heart after he ate in his restaurant, Gather, in the quaint seaside town of Robe. The Director describes the meal as 'emotional' and likes to claim that he shed a tear of joy into his main. The Director is quoted as saying that, 'I don't understand how a genius can be so humble.'

Photograph - Cain Hall
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