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What is SuperFiction?

What is a Superfiction? Is it like a Supermarket or a Superhero? Yes, yes it is. It is dimensionally more than its predecessor – Fiction. A superfiction is embroidered and bejeweled, created to be ornate. It is the symbiotic evolution of a fictional narrative conjoined with a visual artwork. They support one another implicitly to emerge as an alternate truth, a story that creeps off the page into your lap or new artwork that extends into the annals of history. It’s a big fat delicious, juicy lie designed to make you ask – what does truth taste like? How can we ever be sure that we are ingesting fact and not just a believable preference? My works are fuelled by a passion to combat the standardized versions of truth and

acceptability delivered by the media. I aim to do this not by sesationalising existing stories

but creating my own and leaving the viewer to pick fact from fiction. An exercise in thinking for yourself.

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