The Curator - Delana


Bringing tribal to technology, the spiritual to the everyday and magic to the mundane.

I am a spirit-led artist that uses all my subtle channels to walk between worlds, traverse the collective unconscious and ancestral lines to bring back stories of myth, magic an alternate dimensions.

While completing these quests I simultaneously craft objects that speak to me with sentience, objects that shine out from their counterparts like talismans because they are imbued with a great amount of energy, chi or manna.

This process joins together to create SuperFictions.

The audience is greeted with a puzzle that encourages them to parse out reality and question why do we assume certain things to be true?

This creates a state of awareness, an opportunity for spontaneous awakening which can be the cure for the existential dread that drags individuals into the destructive spiral of consumerism.

My aim is to Re-enchant the viewer with world, to enable them to peel the jaded scales from their eyes and reawaken to the primitive sense of wonder needed to save our natural world before it's too late.



What is a Superfiction? Is it like a Supermarket or a Superhero? Yes, yes it is. It is dimensionally more than its predecessor – Fiction. A Superfiction is embroidered and be-jeweled, created to be ornate. It is the symbiotic evolution of a fictional narrative along with visual artwork. They support one another implicitly to emerge as an alternate truth, a story that creeps off the page into your lap or new artwork that extends into the annals of history. It’s a big fat delicious, juicy lie designed to make you ask – what does truth taste like? How can we ever be sure that we are ingesting fact and not just a believable preference? Questions, questions. Children are full of them. In my case I got fed some intrinsic lies. When I discovered that the truth came in versions, I decided to choose my own. I developed a problem with authority and a knack for rebellion. It persists. I now question society’s preconceived notions of truth.

“It’s like this.”

“Who says?”

I am in search of authority. Superfiction allows me to try on all the hats and ask the audience - Do you believe it now? However, I’m complicit, I want to get caught. To create awareness, questions. The ultimate goal is humanities Re-enchantment with the world.


Bringing tribal to technology, the spiritual to the everyday and magic to the mundane. My participation in the movement known as the The Re-enchantment of the world, involves my PhD studies into the similarities between Shamanism and Superfiction as well as site specific residencies that honour place and encourage conservation.