The Director

Dr Phineas Baker is the Director and founder of The Pseudo Society.

The Pseudo Society - est 1979 has spent this time amassing and cataloging a vast array of stories, histories, oddities and mysteries. Originally only available for private viewing by members, This SALA Festival they will unveil one of their collections to the public.

In recent years the Pseudo Society has done away with convention and employed a talented array of artists to enhance and interpret the collections.

The Director aims for The Pseudo Society to create a framework of Suppertime Stories that can be executed internationally and globally through application to artists residencies after initiating a successful beginning in South Australia. The dinners will become an opportunity to showcase hospitality professionals such as chefs and maitre’d’s alongside local artists such as ceramicists and performers, while invigorating unused space in suburban areas or bringing the public to a residency location. This will in turn create a networking opportunity between property investors/owners, ticket buyers and artists.